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Controlled Power Systems, throughout the lifespan of the company, has placed great focus on developing one of Australia's best Engineering Teams

Our Specialists

Gary Hinrichsen

Principal Engineer
B.Tech (Mech. Eng.), Assoc. Dip (Elect. Eng), Electrical Trade

Gary has over 25 years experience working in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering industries. For many years he has provided specialised design, supply, installation and commissioning services and projects to customers throughout Australia. Specifically the Sugar Milling, Timber Milling, Wastewater, Health, Manufacturing, Construction and Commercial Industries. He is involved at the coal-face with General Design, Factory Automation, Switchboards, Energy Management and Turnkey Projects.

Luke D'Anna

Project Engineer

B.Eng Elec (Hons)

Luke has over 5years experience working in the Electrical industry. He is a gifted Programmer and Automator with highly developed Computer skills. He is also very proficient in CAD Drafting,Switchboard Design and the assembly of Technical Specifications.

Chris Connors

Switchboard Technician

Chris has over 15 years experience working in the Electrical industry. He has highly developed technical skills and specialises in the construction, installation and commissioning of custom-built Switchboards, Motor Control Centres, Control Panels, Power Factor Correction and Turnkey projects.

Jeff Herman

Site Foreman

Jeff has over 20years experience working in the Electrical industry. He is the original one-man-army; big, strong, energetic and immensely capable. He has vast experience working in mine-sites, construction and large industrial projects throughout Australia. He has evolved to become a highly skilled Switchboard Builder and Site Leader.

Controlled Power Systems also has long established sub-contractor arrangements in place for when additional skilled staff are required.Such is our standing in the industry that other respected Engineers, Technicians, Tradesmen and TA's quickly swing into action when called upon.

All the Controlled Power Systems Team share a common passion for the wise utilization of the Earths Energy resources. We see it as the responsibility of professionals like ourselves to provide truth and leadership in this critical field.